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iF3 VideoQuest Japan POV Recap

VideoQuest 2015 finishes on a high note and leaves us fantasizing about the Japanese winter wonderland.

All the content had to be filmed with a POV (point of view) camera and the maximum duration for an edit was set to 2 minutes. For the rest, you know the drill: cash prizes and the prestige of being screened at iF3 Montreal next September, as well as at iF3 Japan next winter were on the line.

We had many great submissions. However, we needed to choose winners based on certain criteria. The assessment of the submissions was based on the overall skiing performance, editing quality and the personal aspect of the video – the storytelling.

See for yourselves:

 6th Place:

Skiers and snowboarders ride all together in this recap of Scott Ruzzene’s snow trip.

5th Place:

Fred Bazinet proves that Japan truly is the ultimate realm of powder. Brace yourselves…

4th Place:

One man, one camera. Watch James Winfield charge through fluffy Japanese terrain with spectacular scenery. Warning: this video will make your jaw drop and have you craving winter’s return.

3rd Place: $CA 250

Checking-off your bucket list is not always an easy thing. Simon Pouliot and his group of friends made it happen and came-out with an awesome edit earning them 3rd place. Watch-out for the big mushroom hit to pow!

2nd Place: $CA 750

Ever wondered what is was to experience a ski trip to Japan with a group of friends? Look no further. This fun-packed edit shows you the highlights of deep snow, cool cliffs and urban life, getting an overall score that slipped Gabriella and her friends into 2nd place.

1st Place: $CA 1,000 cash

Director Daisuke Kurata took his crew on adventures around Japan, chasing deep powder, shredding parks and most importantly, having an amazing time. This entertaining and dynamic edit which triumphantly claimed first place will make you wish you did the same!