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iF3 VideoQuest Street 2014 – Montreal and Quebec City

iF3 VideoQuest Street 2014 – Montreal and Quebec City


This year, a new concept was applied to the iF3 VideoQuest contest: urban skiing. Since its inception, this amateur contest’s objective was to stimulate passionate skiers to produce content with hopes to present the results of their hard work at the iF3 Festival.

One edition of the event took place Thursday, April 17th at TRH-Bar in Montreal and the other took place Friday April 18th at Pub Galway in Quebec City. Each contest asked locals to assemble a video edit of urban skiing in their respective areas.

The teams gave it all they had. Although expectations were high, the level of cinematography and of skiing delivered a phenomenal show for this first edition of VideoQuest Street.

Both nights began with a presentation of the best segments of the 2013 iF3, showcasing award-winning clips of the iF3 Movie Awards. Once the bar had crowded up, we moved-on to presenting the video submissions.

Here are the results of the iF3 VideoQuest Street contests of Montreal and Quebec City:


1 – Tabarnak Pack

2 – Street Nation

3 – Twobees Media

4 – The Pantouflardz

Quebec City

 1 – Antoine Proulx

2 – Catz Productions

3 – Offence Films

Photos of the two events